Swinger story of a married couple: How we became swingers

We are a married couple.

Let me introduce me and my husband first. We are in the thirties and we have been together for 9 years and married for 5 years. yes. It’s a story of married couple looking for couple for swing lifestyle.

The truth is that we had talked about swing and poly dating for a few years, but it only alive in conversation. We love to talk about it when we are having sex, which makes us feel excited.

How we start the married couples dating.

We did some research after we decided to try it for real. We started to sign up on a swinger app that allowed open-minded couples to meet and explore swinger lifestyle. We also tried on other tinder for couples app. There is no pressure by using swinger sites or apps, which is also the reason why we did not go to swingers date club at the first place.

We got to know many other couples on various couple dating apps that allow married couples seeking couples who have the same desire. Though some of them are too advanced and we absolutely won’t go so far.

We also learned more about swinging and poly dating by chatting with them. And we made our own rules gradually, setting our boundaries on this adult swing thing.

We then met a couple who were also amateur swingers and looking for their first date on swinger apps. But we didn’t make it after some arrangements. One week later, we eventually found a mature couple on another app.

They had been swinging for a few years and both of them were in good shape.  The wife’s big tits husband’s muscles fascinated us, and we knew that we wanted to play with them. They could also teach us more when we were playing.

first swing story of a married couple

Our first swinging.

We went to a hotel and get excited to see the experienced swinger couples. They were also fluttered to see and play with our young bodies. It was our first time but all four of us getting horny and excited.

I could feel that my pussy was getting wet and I can see the boys getting hard down there. While I also couldn’t help to worry about whether I will get jealous when I see my husband fucking the wife.

She went to me first and began to take off our shirts. Then she began to squeeze my tits and calling her husband to suck my tits. My husband also walked over and began to play with her tits. There is a little jealousy at first but soon my attention was distracted by the husband.

He pushed me to the bed and went down on my pussy to suck. I saw my husband was squeezing the wife’s ass. She was slipping her hands into his pants. I bet she was excited to try out his young cock. I was getting more excited under the double stimulation. All of my feelings melted away. I got cum quickly and my juices covered his mouth.

Then we exchanged our position and I licked his cock on its top. It was so big. I began slowly and he pushed me forward. I could see my husband was in the wife hardly and they were both moaning slightly.

I began to speed up and soon he couldn’t stand anymore. He pushed me into the bed and spread my legs. Although I was dripping wet it was still hard to get in since his cock was so big. He told me to relax and take our time.

It was a tough squeeze but finally, I had his whole cock inside of me. He then began to pull it a little out and in. It was so wonderful, and my juice was sneaking out to the bed. I saw my husband was fucking the wife on her all fours and squeezing her big tits.

Then the man asked me whether we could change to that position and I agreed. I felt so horny when he pulled out his cock and I couldn’t wait to have all his cock inside of me.

He was deep inside of me. Then he slid slowly in and out of my wet pussy, enjoying every second. He started to grab my tits and fuck me harder and harder. I can only hear my own screaming when he got faster. It was an orgasm. Then he also got cum a few minutes later.

I watched my husband fucked the wife. He was watching us as well. He was on the top of the wife now sucking one of her tits and grabbing the other one. I knew my husband wanted to show off his endurance in front of another man.

He was still inside the wife’s fat pussy with his sweet young cock. Then they got to cum successively after a few more hard thrusts. It was a wonderful night!

Go for swing lifestyle.

Our fist swinger dating experience drive us to explore more about swing and couples dating things. We joined more swinger apps and we also tried other types of polyamorous dating apps.

Now we are planning to go to some local swingers date clubs to meet like-minded swingers. Wish us good luck!