Guide for Bisexual Women Seeking Couples

Seeking bisexual couples online is a great way for fun! If you are a single bisexual woman seeking couples for casual dating and sex, then you are at the right place. And we find that women looking for couples for a threesome sex to be the most erotic of scenarios. To keep you safe, we suggest you read the following guide before you seeking on any bisexual sites or threesome websites.

Meet in public
For your safety concern, meet each other in a public place. No matter how good you feel about the couple, this is the best way to keep something bad that might happen. It allows you to back out gracefully if something goes wrong or when you don’t feel right. You can meet in a bar, a coffee shop, or a bookstore…

Full communication about the bottom line
You may have talked about something already at the online bisexual sites. But if you decide to meet in person, try to talk to both the man and the woman. This is about three individual persons in this threesome hookup thing. Everyone’s opinion should be counted. Learn everyone’s bottom line before you go the next step. This can not only help you have the full fun of a threesome dating or threesome sex, but also avoid any troubles and dispute.women looking for couples

Watch out for jealousy
Jealousy is a real thing when it comes to dating couples. It’s not right to take granted that there will be no jealousy since they are ready for a threesome and looking for it. In most cases, it is men who come up with this idea and finally, they persuade their partners to accept the idea. If you feel anything not going right, ask whether you should stop it.

Don’t try to meet only one of them in secret
If you want to find a serious relationship, try someone else. There are many single sexy bi male and females out there in this bisexual dating site. It will be easy for you to find your own and only soul mate there. And it’s unwise to stir up an ugly drama for yourself and the couple. That’s a gross and assholish thing to do.

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