Swinger story of a married couple: How we became swingers

We are a married couple.

Let me introduce me and my husband first. We are in the thirties and we have been together for 9 years and married for 5 years. yes. It’s a story of married couple looking for couple for swing lifestyle.

The truth is that we had talked about swing and poly dating for a few years, but it only alive in conversation. We love to talk about it when we are having sex, which makes us feel excited.

How we start the married couples dating.

We did some research after we decided to try it for real. We started to sign up on a swinger app that allowed open-minded couples to meet and explore swinger lifestyle. We also tried on other tinder for couples app. There is no pressure by using swinger sites or apps, which is also the reason why we did not go to swingers date club at the first place.

We got to know many other couples on various couple dating apps that allow married couples seeking couples who have the same desire. Though some of them are too advanced and we absolutely won’t go so far.

We also learned more about swinging and poly dating by chatting with them. And we made our own rules gradually, setting our boundaries on this adult swing thing.

We then met a couple who were also amateur swingers and looking for their first date on swinger apps. But we didn’t make it after some arrangements. One week later, we eventually found a mature couple on another app.

They had been swinging for a few years and both of them were in good shape.  The wife’s big tits husband’s muscles fascinated us, and we knew that we wanted to play with them. They could also teach us more when we were playing.

first swing story of a married couple

Our first swinging.

We went to a hotel and get excited to see the experienced swinger couples. They were also fluttered to see and play with our young bodies. It was our first time but all four of us getting horny and excited.

I could feel that my pussy was getting wet and I can see the boys getting hard down there. While I also couldn’t help to worry about whether I will get jealous when I see my husband fucking the wife.

She went to me first and began to take off our shirts. Then she began to squeeze my tits and calling her husband to suck my tits. My husband also walked over and began to play with her tits. There is a little jealousy at first but soon my attention was distracted by the husband.

He pushed me to the bed and went down on my pussy to suck. I saw my husband was squeezing the wife’s ass. She was slipping her hands into his pants. I bet she was excited to try out his young cock. I was getting more excited under the double stimulation. All of my feelings melted away. I got cum quickly and my juices covered his mouth.

Then we exchanged our position and I licked his cock on its top. It was so big. I began slowly and he pushed me forward. I could see my husband was in the wife hardly and they were both moaning slightly.

I began to speed up and soon he couldn’t stand anymore. He pushed me into the bed and spread my legs. Although I was dripping wet it was still hard to get in since his cock was so big. He told me to relax and take our time.

It was a tough squeeze but finally, I had his whole cock inside of me. He then began to pull it a little out and in. It was so wonderful, and my juice was sneaking out to the bed. I saw my husband was fucking the wife on her all fours and squeezing her big tits.

Then the man asked me whether we could change to that position and I agreed. I felt so horny when he pulled out his cock and I couldn’t wait to have all his cock inside of me.

He was deep inside of me. Then he slid slowly in and out of my wet pussy, enjoying every second. He started to grab my tits and fuck me harder and harder. I can only hear my own screaming when he got faster. It was an orgasm. Then he also got cum a few minutes later.

I watched my husband fucked the wife. He was watching us as well. He was on the top of the wife now sucking one of her tits and grabbing the other one. I knew my husband wanted to show off his endurance in front of another man.

He was still inside the wife’s fat pussy with his sweet young cock. Then they got to cum successively after a few more hard thrusts. It was a wonderful night!

Go for swing lifestyle.

Our fist swinger dating experience drive us to explore more about swing and couples dating things. We joined more swinger apps and we also tried other types of polyamorous dating apps.

Now we are planning to go to some local swingers date clubs to meet like-minded swingers. Wish us good luck!

SwingLifeStyle: Tips for first adult swing date

It’s believed that the swinglifestyle has become more and more popular lifestyle in the world. It first came into wider practice during the 1950’s in America. Maybe it doesn’t take too long for you to find a swinger couple after looking at a swinger club or searching on a swinger website. But how to do about your first meet in real life. We will share some tips about how to handle the first alternative lifestyle dating.

sls swinglifestyle tips

Pre-Play: Talk

Firstly, You and your partner both need to be on the same page when it comes to this kind of adultxxxdate. Then you need a face-to-face talk between the four people together with the couple you meet. You need to cover the swinglifestyle topic at this round. Maybe you can suggest a book or film that involves swinglifestyle scene. If the subject is well accepted and you can go to the next floor.

Set bottom line

There are a bunch of things that can go wrong if you haven’t first taken the time to discuss every aspect with the other couple. And the most important thing before the real play is to set some ground rules. If it’s not ok for you, just say no. It’s important to monitor your emotional responses to different scenarios because jealousy is one of the main emotions swingers initially will have to deal with.

Playtime: Relax and enjoy swing sex

You can move to the next level -the real play after all preparation work has been done. It doesn’t need to be a rush. The couples are free to decide how quickly or slowly they want to experience this stage. Relax yourself and the adultxxxdate may naturally change from playing separately to playing as a foursome if you would like to try. It all depends on yourself.

Everyone may eager to show off their skills and techniques on the other one. It also can be the best time for learning and practice.

After the play: Further discussion

Take some time to talk and share your feelings together after the play. If everything has gone well and both of you feel like the swinglifestyle is the thing you want, then do it one more time. This time you will discuss more details about the play and decide whether you should keep a long-term swing relationship with other couples.

It can be not just about swinger sex. Your life may connect together. You can share your most emotional and vulnerable times as well as visit swinger clubs together. Just enjoy the sls swinglifestyle if you have chosen it.

Couple looking for woman or adult swing: How to get rid of jealous

Jealousy is normal in a relationship, including all kinds of relationships: traditional relationships, swinger relationships or a threesome one. It’s also normal for a couple looking for threesome adventure or swing dating fun. Adult fun can help those couples refresh their sex life and feelings.
No matter adding a person to a bisexual couple or start adult swing for swinger couple, this kind of amateur couple should keep an eye on jealousy. It might be no big deal if it’s just a little, but what happens when jealousy starts to completely take over?

couple looking for woman for threesome

Start with conversation
Even though you are amateur couple who want to try threesome just for once, conversation is important before looking for a threesome partner. It’s the same for those swinger couples. The swinger chat or threesome chat at any adult dating websites should after the confirmation that you and your partner are on the same page.

Both of you will accept a threesome adventure. Even if it turns out to be a one-time thing, you should get a positive answer from your partner. Making it as a surprise or a gift is obviously not a viable option in this case. It may cause an irreversible situation, so stop it if you are planning to do so. Start your own chat before swinger chat.

Respect your partner
Consider how to progress in a totally respectful way so you can have fun and adventure. If you couple decide to have a threesome, you need also decide which type of threesome you want, MFF threesome or MMF threesome? If you want to try swinger dating with a swinger couple first, you also need to get your partner’s consent when you find a match at swinger websites. Looking into psychology can help you and your partner explore this fantasy further, but you should respect your partner at the same time to avoid any hurt.


Set rules
Setting rules before even looking for a bisexual or swinger couple online can not only help get rid of jealousy, it also works a lot for having a great threesome or adult swing fun. Let’s take an example, for many couples, they don’t like their partner to kiss the third one. In this case, ‘no kiss’ is a good way to prevent jealousy.
Ask your partner If there are other things or words he or she doesn’t want you to do together with the other person. If there are any, don’t do that. What’s the bottom line of your partner? Don’t cross that line.

Ask the feelings of your partner
If you are a couple looking for third person to join you for a threesome, remember to ask his or her feelings during sex, especially when you are looking for a female partner to join you. Let your partner know that you care about his or her feelings as well.
If you are engaging sex swing, then ask the feelings about your partner for the first time when you see him or her. You want your partner to enjoy threesome sex or adult swing as well rather than yourself only.

After the adventure
Have a talk with your partner. Do you want to do this only for one time or you want to keep a threesome relationship or a swing relationship with you? For a long-time thing, don’t keep a third that your partner doesn’t like or would jealous of. Only in this way can you have this open relationship that can actually energize and make the bond stronger.

Whatever your reason is for deciding to find a threesome or the adult swing, let us congratulate you on adding this potentially very hot experience to your sexual history. As long as you and your partner are on the same page about what it’ll mean for your relationship, it could be exactly what was needed to bring some fire and energy back to your sex life.

5 Dating sites for swingers looking for local swingers

For many years, like threesomes, swing lifestyle has been a secret society. While with information becomes more freely available via the Internet, more and more couples decide to give it a try. You may have heard of a swinger party from your friends or came across a swingers club on your way to home.

More than half US population are involved in some kind of open relationships nowadays. Many studies and polls give widely varying results on how many swingers there really are. Even if there is no swingers club near your place, online swinger dating sites will be a good choice for you. Swinging has become one of the most popular lifestyles for both married couples and those who are in a committed relationship. If you are looking for adult swinger couples, here are some dating sites where you can enjoy the adult swing.

swinger dating sites


BiCupid is a professional bisexual dating site to meet bisexual woman for bisexual and threesome hookup. If you want a special adult swing experience, the best choice is swinging with a bisexual couple. It will be so different and exciting with your other swing experience. Bisexual women are always on the top list when a couple is looking for threesome partner. Though BiCupid is not a professional swinger website to find local swingers, you can find swinger ads on the site as well. Swinging with a bisexual couple is still the best choice for many swinger couples.



AdultFriendFinder is the world’s largest sex community and swinger dating site. Hoping to meet someone special for a hot, sexual relationship or even just a quick fling? As long as you are looking for sex, Adult FriendFinder can be helpful. Adult Friend Finder has helped millions of people find adult dating fun, including traditional partners, swinger group, threesomes, and a variety of other alternative partners. Swinger dating is one of the most popular adult dating fun on AdultFriendFinder.



CoupleSeekCouple is a couples dating site for couple looking for threesome hookup or swinger group. It’s fast growing and the swinger ads on the site increase day by day, which makes you easily meet real swingers. And CoupleSeekCouple will manually check the profiles every day to prevent fake profiles and scammers. You will get a safe and secure environment for swinger chat and date.



Swinglifestyle.com is a popular swinger community for real swingers to find swinger couples and personals. Adult swinger couples, or people in other kinds of open relationship don’t often talk about their lifestyle to others. A swinger club becomes the best choice for those swinger couples. Couples who don’t live near a swingers club turn to swinger dating websites. Swinglifestyle is such a place that people share the same lifestyle and looking for the same thing. Once join the site, you can easily meet swingers and start swinger chat online even if you don’t live near a swingers club.


Swinging Local

Swinging Local is an easy to use, fun, thoughtful and free swinger site where you can find local swingers for the adventure! The site is built by swingers for swingers and open-minded couples and singles. Compared with other sites with far more members and fake profiles,  Swinging Local is free to find and communicate with other real swinger couples. And it offers free swinger chat feature and other unique approach to communicating with singles that no other site ever considered! Join today and see the difference immediately!

What makes you a good match for single women looking for couples?

Single women looking for couples is one of the most sorts after and thrilling experiences in the adult dating scene nowadays. If you are a couple looking for third person to explore threesome fun, here are some things for a couple to do in order to treat the third party in their threesome well, and make sure they have a good time.

Don’t rush things or give any other pressure on the third party

It’s a really bad idea to engage a threesome with a very rigid idea of how you want it to go. This puts undue pressure on everyone, especially the third party since they may feel that they have less negotiating power than you couple. Take time to know everyone’s turn-on point, the preferred communication way and what’s the bottom line.

What makes you a good match for single women looking for couples

Keep communication and Ask often

If you’re not 100% sure you have consent for something, ASK, especially for the couple looking for third person. Don’t make it ruin the atmosphere. A good time will never be ruined by checking on consent for something, but it can easily be ruined by overstepping someone’s boundaries.

I believe many of them have the bottom line when single women looking for couples online for a threesome. So, check in early and often to make sure having a wonderful threesome experience.

Handle the jealousy

It’s better for you to plan the jealousies in advance. What will you do if it happens during threesome hookups. “kick your three-way partner out if one of us gets jealous” is bad and unfair to the third party. It should be kind and compassionate to everyone, including the third person. For example, if you couple looking for woman this time and jealousy do happen, tell her you will find a male threesome partner next time.

Make everyone involved and enjoyed the threesome hookup

In many cases of couple looking for third person to have a threesome, the focus, as well as the pleasure are really on the couple. But sex is a collaboration work. Everyone should give and receive pleasure and the goal should be mutual satisfaction for all parties – not just the couple. Always make sure no one was left out during the threesomes.

Safe sex

This is absolutely one of the most vital things to consider when having a threesome. Ideally, this topic should happen while clothes are still on, long before any sex behaviors happen, but it can happen at the moment if necessary. Everyone should disclose their testing status. Use condoms when you are having threesome sex in order not to get pregnant or any STDs.

Threesome dating tips about women looking for couples

Threesomes are one of those best things that men have been fancied. There are many couples looking for a third person in online threesome dating sense. Single women looking for couples for threesome hookups is also another big trend in the threesome dating area. In most cases, MMF threesome is their favorite for single women seeking couples for threesome fun.

The bitter reality is both couple looking for a third and single men and women looking for couples are not as easy as in your fantasy. Thanks to online dating sites and apps. People who are interested in threesomes can meet and find matches at threesome websites, or bisexual dating sites. Today we will share some threesome experience from single women who have been there.

Choose couples wisely
Not all the couples who are looking for threesome partner are the best choice. The perfect couple has a completely open relationship. And there are no jealousy or issues about attention. This is especially important for those single women looking for couples. You want to protect yourself from any feelings they might have between each other that might affect you, right?

What position is your preference
There are really three different types of threesomes. You are single woman looking for couples and you will be the “third wheel”. If you have ever gone to any threesome websites, you may see the single women who have had threesomes are discussing threesomes at the form. And in most cases, MMF threesome is their favorite. MMF threesome is 2 males and one female have sex in 1 bed at the same time, and everyone has sex with both the others. Decide your preference. If FFF threesome is your matter of preference, choose a female bi couple to start!

Keep communicate all the way
Sometimes communicate is more important than anything else you will do on that night. Not only couples should talk about rules of engaging a threesome in advance, you need to communicate with them as well. Learn their bottom line about threesomes and tell them yours.

Keep things safe
Safe sex is always essential when it comes to online dating, especially in threesome dating. Always use condoms when you are engaged in a threesome relationship. This is the safest way to help you get rid of any STDs as well. And you won’t be able to relax and enjoy yourself if you’re worried about contracting a disease or an unwanted pregnancy.

Are you open enough to a threesome relationship?

Many people may have fancied having a threesome relationship, including threesome sex with others. But have you ever wondered if an open relationship is suitable for you? With more and more couples looking for third person for threesomes, it has left some wondering if an open relationship is ok for all those who want to find a threesome.

You may think this is a new “trend” to come about in recent decades. The truth is, a form of threesome sex has been around for at least centenaries! It ranged from the ancient King to the average citizens. And at modern times, this kind of open relationships even turned on your TV sometimes. It’s becoming more mainstream than ever.

Well, we’re here to help you learn more about yourself and decide the final decision whether you should find a threesome. Ask the following questions before looking for threesomes:

  • Are you open-minded?
  • Have you ever consider having a threesome?
  • Are you comfortable with new experiences – threesome sex?
  • Do you enjoy being in group settings?
  • Should you be in an open relationship?
  • Do you have a wandering eye?

And if you are a couple looking for third, you need to think more:

  • Is there something missing from your current relationship and you want to spice it with threesome sex?
  • Does the idea of seeing your partner kiss someone else turn you on?
  • Or you are just curious about what type relationship works best for your personality?
  • Will having threesome hurt your current relationships?
  • Are you having trouble maintaining a threesome relationship?
  • Do you consider yourself a jealous person?
  • Do you feel confident in your relationships?
  • Do you usually communicate well with your partner(s)?

Take some time to answer these questions before you jump into the pool of threesome relationship. People often struggle with the confines of romantic and exciting relationships and don’t realize there are other things they should take into consideration. Find out the right reasons for you to do or not to do it.

Tips for Keeping Threesome Sex Safe and Enjoyable

Still consider it to be dirty when the thought of looking for a threesome came into your mind? It’s not true. Having a threesome has become a wild fantasy and more like-minded couples are seeking a threesome nowadays than ever. Threesomes are just another option on life’s sexual smorgasbord for couples, and for women who are interested in MMF threesomes. If you are looking for a threesome right now, here are some guide for a better and safer threesome experience.

tips for keeping threesome sex safe and enjoable
Use condoms – We know that you’ve heard it many times all before, but take it seriously and keep yourself protected. Like it is important that you practice safer sex at every sexual encounter, it matters in a threesome sex as well.
Remember that condoms are the only way to protect you against any STDs. And if you are switching partners during the threesome sex, you need change condoms. This is also doing to prevent any possible infections.

Be clear about why you are looking for a threesome – If you are a couple looking for third person to spice up your sex life? Make sure both of you know this. Never make it a surprise. You can discuss every detail before find a threesome partner from friends or threesome dating sites, like you are going to MMF threesome or MFM threesome.

Respect your partner – If your partner tells you that they want things in a certain way, don’t ignore it if you want a better threesome experience. It will likely affect your relationship too. Think through reasons why you want a threesome sex. You don’t want to end up regretting it!

Only do it when you want to do it – Don’t do it only because others say it is a wonderful experience or you want to keep your sexual partner happy. Make the decision cautiously and you do not love your partner any less because you do not want a threesome.

Photo Tips for Online Threesome Dating

Today we will talk about the safety tips about sending photos to others, especially nude photos. Though you can define our site as a threesome site, we are not allowing any nude photos on member’s profile on the site. If you want someone to see your nude photos, you can send it through messages or emails. Here are some tips to keep you safe before you hit send.

Don’t send your nude photos showing your face.
No head-to-toe pictures. You know sending a nude photo can be a risky thing. If the photos get into the wrong hands, it’s pretty damned hard to deny that you’re the person in the photo! Don’t risk it. It’s the best to send photos of your body without your face in them. Send your face photo and body photo separately if he wants to see what you look like.

Avoid any identifiable tattoos or birthmarks on your body photos.
Except for the face, there is something more that can be identifiable. Many people may be aware of not showing face when sending nude photos, but not all of them would notice the tattoos and birthmarks. These things can also be identified by your friends and family members if they happen to see your photo.

Don’t send anything to anyone from your personal email.Photo Tips for Online Threesome Dating
This is also a basic safety tip for singles and couples looking for threesome online. Never use your regular personal email address to send your nude photos. You can send them with a new registered email address. You don’t want people you know to your real life, your friends, your workmate knowing that you are looking for threesome hookups on the internet, right? Then remember not to use any email address that you use to correspond with people.

Clear all those photos when you’re finished.
You probably took dozens of photos trying to get that one great photo. Remember to clear all of those selected ones and unwanted ones after you finish. This is to avoid your family members, your friends or your colleagues see your body by accident. And the worst, your naked body photos being leaked to the public when you lose your phone.

No matter you are a couple looking for third person, or single bisexual women for couples, you’d better read these tips before sending your photos. Threesome dating is fun, but keep it safe will be the most important thing out there!

How to Find a Threesome Partner for a Threesome

All men want to experience threesome but some never have a chance to actually make it happen. Having a threesome is a wonderful experience as many people would like to describe it. But to find a threesome is not that easy, even if it’s only a one-time thing. If you are finally brave enough to find a threesome, here are some tips for you to have a threesome.

It’s important that both you and your partner agree on finding a three way partner to experience threesome sex. This should not be a surprise or anything like this. It’s better for you to reach an agreement before you go for it.

Visit local swingers clubs or swinger party
One of the best places to first step toward to find a threesome partner is visiting a swingers club. You may be surprised to know that you won’t have to go searching too hard for the haunting since many couples looking for a third partner as well. As it said, many swingers clubs have informal social gatherings at local pubs or restaurants. Joining a swinger party also works for those who would like to test out the waters a bit for threesome hookup first.  It’s important to do some research and not go to a place that has bad reviews.

Look through online threesome websites and apps
If you are too shy or feel uncomfortable to hunt in swingers clubs or parties, looking online is another great way you should try. Googling “threesome websites” will give you a big variety of results. To make it easier for you to choose which threesome site should you join, you can search “threesome dating sites reviews”. Find the site reviews and learn its features, membership, cost, privacy policy, etc. Remember the reputation is important when it comes to any dating site, especially for this kind of adult websites.

Try some relevant adult dating sites and groups 
how to find a threesome partnerFor a threesome to happen successfully, the right minded people are needed. And there is absolutely no other place to find a people who actually enjoy having a threesome other than the internet. Except for threesome sites, bisexual dating sites are another good choice to find a threesome partner.

It’s easy for people to connect with threesome when talking to bisexual couples. That’s true, there are indeed many bisexual couples looking for third person at bi dating sites. And many men have a fancy on dating with bisexual women. Then this should be a great chance to fulfill their dreams.

No matter you are seeking at local pubs, online threesome websites, or other adult dating sites, all you need to remember is hunting in a safe place. It’s important to be safe for a threesome dating and sex. Stay off of Craigslist and find a site that really does specialize in safe play.